3 day challenge : REDUCE STRESS & ENERGY UP!

Reduce stress with kinesiology and music. Understand stress & release it with exercices: body mind work, breathing, sound meditation with help you to find more inner peace.




The Best Healing of your Body Mind Spirit to help your Naturaly Health with more Inner Peace!

In this program you will RELAX your body, RELEASE your soul, and RESET your mind. Your will learn a lot about yourself and have great solutions to Reduce Stress.

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Stress is somethings that many of us are or have been experiencing in our life. But knowing the deep roots of yours is the only way to reduce it. This 3 day will put you on the path for a new peaceful life.

Mandy Scott

School Teacher

"I feel very relaxed right now. I knew I needed more body exercises, but I could not take some time for myself... with Leiya's method, I could get the motivation to do it : it's easy and efficient."


"It helped me to think less and feel more calm. I noticed my mind was more clear, and it's easier to focus. I understand why I had memory troubles! I need regular practice now.... and review my diet ;)"

Joel Robert



Cultural Event Manager

"I had lots of fun and learnt a lot about myself. I could feel so much benevolence and kindness in her voice... The exercises, the music, the explanations... A great healing to my stomach. You were right: I digest better. I will not hesitate to book a session after that!"


Feeling relax & light


Thanks Leiya!


Helped Me A lot.


I feel relieved. Thanks!

Hey, I'm Leiya E. Matsumura. I am a Kinesiologist Energetician and Dancer.

Let's take care of this physical and emotional tension that you carry since too long because of stress. We will bring your relief and bring back calm in your mind, and rise your energy while having fun!

This Course Will Help You For -

Get the Focused Key Secrets with This Free Programme

In 3 day, you will significantly see the stress reducing in your life thanks to easy Body Work exercices, Sound Meditation, and Brain Gym. Let’s breath!

No credit cart needed : It’s a FREE content!


Secret One

How to recognize the symptoms of stress in your body and act before it's back in your every day life.


Secret Two

What is the main hormone accumulated in your body that is the main cause of health issues.


Secret Three

Why you can't control your stress and it's taking over your mind despite all your effort to reduce it.


Secret Four

The 3 key to get rid of stress and find relief on a long terms starting from today!

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