Wellness retreat Tokyo

Wellness retreat Tokyo

DETOX” wellness retreat in nature, a relaxing moment to heal and treat yourself, 1h30 from Tokyo!

Start with a health check-up body and mind with Leiya, your natural health specialist, professional dancer, and extra-sensory born.

Then, take care of yourself with the self-massage and qi gong of the season, hiking, sound meditation, kinesiology, and discover Reiki energy work by awakening your senses and consciousness to the “living”.

We will also talk about healthy food, physiological and mental functioning, personal development, how to take care of your organs in a simple, efficient and ecological way… You will have the pleasure of discovering the power of sound waves to balance the cells of your body, explained by Naoshi, a composer who has synaesthesia capabilities.

A time for yourself in nature

Beautiful mountain

In the serene scenery of Yamanashi’s mountains, nurture yourself during our wellness retreat. In the heart of Japanese traditions and natural agriculture, align body and mind with the season.

retreat Tokyo

Healing nature program

Awaken your (self-)healing potential and your senses for more wellness and inner peace! Leiya will teach you how to feel Reiki energy and some self care and acupressure. A deep reconnection with yourself, in nature.

Japanese Onsen

Enjoy the wonderful Kosuge local onsen close by Otomi Therapy saihara center. You will find a bubble bath inside, sauna, and great rotenburo with forest and mountain view. Can’t be more perfect for a wellness retreat!

Vegetarian & Organic cooking

Organic dishes with local and Japanese food, lovingly prepared by Leiya! Try our delicious homemade fermented drinks, excellent to boost your immunity and start a detox. And for those nostalgic for France, we make our own homemade bread!

Sound wave meditation

We cannot imagine a wellness retreat without offering you to experience healing sound waves. Have a rest: relax your body and mind. Moreover, regenerate your cells, purify, and free yourself from old memories that you no longer need to live in the here and now.

Night in a japanese house

And to end the day 1 of the wellness retreat, spend the night in a tatami room, the Japanese traditional way. We welcome only small groupe to make sure every body feels confortable! Massage of self-massage time is include in the program.

Morning Qi qong

Balance your body and mind and harmonize them with energy of the season. Strengthen your organs for health prevention! Discover the energy work with Reiki healing and Qi Qong.

A time for yourself

With some body work and walk around, feel the beautiful nature vibrations : the river, the mountains, the animals… Far from the stress of the city, enjoy your wellness retreat on a very kind and simple atmosphere, created with love by Leiya and Naoshi.

Wellness retreat Tokyo Dates

(Private 2 days retreat on request, from 4 peoples)

NEXT & last of winter: 01/09-10 Family retreat

Until spring: we will organize ONLY private retreat ON REQUEST, with a program adjusted to the weather.

Contact-us for details!






Special Equinox ceremony 

Summer Solstice celebration

Wellness & Creativity

Autumn preparation

Welcoming winter

Health of the leaver 

Health of the heart

Health of the stomach

Health of Lung

Health of  the kidney


Your wellness retreat Tokyo in nature

¥20,000 (+10% tax) 

  • Including: pick-up at Uenohara stn, 4 meals, staying, wellness program
  • Excluded: Onsen fee (¥750)
  • Kids (1 to 5 years old): ¥7000 – For details, contact-us.


¥50,000 (+10% tax) – 30% deposit, non refundable deposit is required on booking to cover all expenses.

Personal and spiritual development + Deep relaxation.

  • Teaching for a full consciousness life: with meditation, dance, music
  • Respectful and safe body work (all level) with a professional dancer (technics inspired by BMC, feldenkreis, yoga, eutonie, floor barre)
  • Healing, massages and self acupressure
  • Talk about healthy food respecting your body and environment
  • Organic vegetarian food & herbal medicinal tea
  • Deep relaxation and walk in the beautiful Yamanashi’s mountains
  • Mindset for changing yourself
  • Deal with your emotion and sensitivity, learn to calm down your mind
  • Use intuition to organize, work, and make decisions.

A wonderful experience

"Thank you again very much for this Weekend, this moment of sharing in simplicity, this openness to the other, this discovery of the other also. A very rich weekend of teaching, relaxation, returning to nature and letting go. All this did me a lot of good. Today I feel lighter and "cheerful" to continue it. You always have the words to reassure. It is with great pleasure that I will come back for another retreat. You are both so soothing."
Thanks again for your hospitality this weekend! Everything was very good: the programme, the meals, your flexibility, the environment... I loved the nap and the sound meditation! A nice break in our Tokyo life 🙂
Elementary school teacher
Thank you so much for the weekend. It was so wonderful to nurture ourselves in nature, with your guidance, and teaching. We were all in agreement on the way home — the praises we were heaping on you! ♡
You have spoiled us a lot! We really enjoyed the food with its touch of local grass. In any case it was a weekend that was good for everyone and some will do it again. Thanks for everything.
A beautiful moment in the nature with an amazing host. Take the time to know you better and enjoy life, thank you so much for this wonderful memory 🙂 In fact it was such a great experience that I lack of word to describe.
Secretary, translator

Enjoy our next wellness retreat!

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