1H therapy・Online (follow-up)


1h therapy Online (follow-up)

1h therapy Online, follow-up 1:1 session to help you find and release the root cause of your physical, emotional, relation issues. On a gentle way, toward a unification of your being.

  • 1h Session 

Psychology & psycho-emotional counseling, with body work & energy work when needed !

This is what psycho-physical therapy is about : never separating anything, or any part of your being but bring everything together.

It starts from where you are, to bring you where you want to be… meaning how you want to feel.

We work with session goal to reach at the end of the session. If not, you can extend with 1 more hour in a raw, of book another session.

Note that when the root cause is released, we don’t need to work on the same goal anymore… That gives space for a new one, to keep moving forward inner peace and body-mind balance at your own pace.

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1H therapy・Online (follow-up)

Online therapy online is a follow-up therapy session to help you release your physical and emotional stress. We can analyze your past and present behavior. But also unlock any blockages to move forward lighter, with more understanding, and improve yourself, your life, and your relationship.

1h Session 

Technics possible to use :

  • Kinesthesic education Brain Gym
  • Coaching mindset / eco-relationship
  • Psychology – Psycho emotional, behavior, emdr, tcc
  • Hypnosis, breathing, meditation, and relaxation with sounds (similar to sophrology)

Session: In French, English, Spanish

For adults, and kids with their parents.

1H therapy・Online (follow-up)


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