Natural beauty course・2H


Natural beauty consultation

Skin care & makeup advices for earth lovers.


In this natural beauty consultation, we will check your regular habits, your daily cosmetics and make-up products, and which habits you can change or improve.

Also, you will learn skin care and skin cleaning, natural make-up style, self face massage and acupressure for a young healthy skin.

And to finish, food and herbs than cares about your “inside”

Your natural beauty consultation: ethics of the expert

Making sure you know a lo at the end of the consultation, and can be very conscious and aware about all you use for your beauty and self care in your daily life… for a positive impact on the planet.  

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Natural beauty course

1:1 consultation for beauty, skin care, and make-up

Natural beauty course Tokyo that cares about the earth! Learn with Leiya, a french professional make-up artist expert in cosmetic-aesthetic, and a holistic therapist, healer & dancer.

Beauty is not all about physical appearance, it’s about self love, self care, and gain confidence by valuing yourself.

  • Are you concerned about your impact on the environment with your daily beauty cosmetics?
  • Would you like to know natural beauty tips that cares about your skin and respect nature?
  • You lack of confidence and would like to improve your self estime?
  • Are you interested in being fully yourself, transform your vibration and reveal your inner beauty?
  • Do you have difficulty promoting yourself in your profession, or with to step up (artist, entrepreneur) ?

Yes? Then it’s time to radiate your natural beauty

Learn self care and cosmetics!

Skin is the biggest organ of the body, and is the largest one to create this separation between the outside world and the inside world. Indeed, when you notice some skin issues, there is always something hidden behind. For exemple, it can come from various cause such as: woman’s period, psycho-emotional reasons, love relationship difficulties But also from organ disfunction, diet. Or your body is going through a detox, which is a way of the body to eliminate things that are not good for your body.

In this natural beauty consultation, we won’t research the root cause like I do in kinesiology. However, you will learn a lot about natural skin care and make-up adapted to yourself and your need, and I will carefully listen to you… which does not exclude some emotional release and any kind of healing to happen 😉

To conclude, doing this natural beauty consultation can take various direction, but all with kindness and self-love ! It’s according to your energy of the day, where you are in you self image, your current needs related to natural beauty and skin health, and your level of awareness related to spirituality and ecology matter.

In all case, it’s going to be an amazing experience and I’m sure you will love it and enjoy a lot. A great boost in your day, that might change your vision and habits… but positive change is always great isn’t it?!

What you will know at the end of your natural beauty consultation?

  • Your skin type
  • How to care about your skin
  • Natural make-up style with the minimum of product on your skin and most natural
  • Your colors (you can apply for cloth)
  • what to do and what not to do
  • Beauty tips from women over the world
  • Essential oil, natural first material you can use, and how to make some super basic and simple cosmetics
  • Ask your specific questions
  • The basic cosmetics you can bring with you when you travel
Natural beauty course・2H


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