Pendulum course




Learn how to use a pendulum for radiesthesia, divination, and research. This pendulum class gives you the very basics to start working with a pendulum. For yourself, or to complement your energy healing treatment. Very intuitive, and practical pendulum class (we can talk about Hartman antenna as well). Great tool to develop your extra senses and intuition as well.

VIRTUAL CLASS – via zoom call

  • PRESENTIAL Intensive 5-6h
  • VIRTUAL CLASS: 2.5h to 3h, 2 consecutive days
  • In 1:1 or small group.

In 1:1 if the time difference does not allow to gather with others, or in a very small group to keep it interactive and friendly.

Everyone can ask questions, and we can use anyone’s suggestion to work on live to practice!


  • History
  • Getting started exercises
  • Use of dial and antenna
  • Home energy cleaning
  • Energy healing
  • Map research
Pendulum course


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