Homemade toothpaste

homemade toothpaste

Homemade toothpaste

Nowadays, thanks to the increase of ecological awareness, the desire to use natural products and homemade toothpaste rise. You wonder how to do or, what to use…. Organic and 100% natural, homemade toothpaste allow to choose exactly the ingredients adapted to your needs, while respecting your health and environment. To take care of your tooth, why not trying to make your own toothpaste? Here is our advices and a recipe of homemade toothpaste.

Oral Health

Oral hygiene is extremely important for your health, just like the rest of your body, both internally and externally. Because in holistic medicine we consider the body as a whole. Neglecting your oral health can lead to various problems such as oral infections, ulcers, cavities, various wounds in the mouth, mouth ulcers, poor breastfeeding… In opposition, taking good care of your teeth, gums and also your tongue allows you to avoid worries that can be very painful, very expensive, or cause you aesthetic problems.

It is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal, with care and gentleness so as not to traumatise your gums. Also, choose a soft brush or medium, and take your time to go every where in your mouth: in the front, on the back, on every teeth… and brush your tong as well! Many people forget it, but this is important as bacteria can also remain here.

Moreover, brush vertically, following the direction of the tooth. This is a mistake to brush your teeth mainly horizontally. Indeed, your brush won’t rich the base of the teeth, close by the gum where bacteria and microscopic rest of food can remain. eWe advice you to us a dental floss every day to clean between your teeth.

In addition, be attentive to any signs, sometimes minimal, such as bleeding, inflammation of the mucous membranes, irritation, dry mouth. Persistent bad breath, for example, can indicate stomach or liver problems, or the presence of undesirable bacteria that can migrate into your throat. Each of those signs has a symbolism that often goes deeper than a simple physical inconvenience. First, it is best to consulting as soon as possible a dentist to deal with the issue on a physical level.

Then, it is very important not underestimate the important of any dental issue and take an appointment with a holistic therapist. He will help you to understand the symbolism and the deep origin of the wound, so that you can transform your habits and behaviour. Is is nice to remember that teeth are alive and have an evolutionary process over many years. Each one of them is linked to a feeling or emotion that, if not managed properly, leads to a weakness in that particular tooth.

Of course it is more than recommended to visit a dentist at least once a year, take care of your diet, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and have good oral and dental hygiene.

The benefits of your homemade toothpaste

Use natural toothpaste or homemade toothpaste allow you to choose the ingredients that enter your house, for a better care of yourself and your family. Indeed, a lot of industrials toothpaste incorporate some chemical products such as peroxyde, overdosed fluorides, artificial sweeteners and colors. Especially when used daily, they can have very harmful effects on your health. Also, you can choose what to make inside according to your needs: rather to freshen the breath, to prevent carries or for fragile gums.

Moreover, you will significantly reduce your impact on environment by avoiding hard to recycle packaging… and avoiding the 7th continent to grow(!). Actually, ecology and economy can be connected : your homemade toothpaste last longer, and the ingredients generally cheaper. To conclude, making hygiene products yourself not only respect more your value, your health, adjusted to your need, but also is very economic

And if you are a bit intimidating to do it yourself, you can invite your friends at home and we can organize an online workshop! Making homemade toothpaste together is not only spreading awareness, but also having fun with friends and family, and allow you to have this feeling of fullfilment like after doing anything good for others or for the earth.

It is very important to mention something before starting… All the toothpaste of the world will never do what a good teeth brushing will!

Raw materials and properties

White clay

Helps to cleanse the mouth, rich in minerals. A good base for toothpaste.

Calcium carbonate (Meudon whiting)

Soft abrasive that can partially replace white clay.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Baking soda, made of slightly abrasive crystals, polishes and smoothes tooth enamel. It removes stains, making teeth whiter. Caution, do not use more than once a week as it tends to damage the tooth enamel if used too often.

Sea salt

Natural antibacterial, it is rich in minerals and trace elements. Strengthens the gums, anti-odorous, and contribute to whiten teeth.

Coconuts oil

Anti-microbial and cleaning agents. It’s lightly foaming, which make it pleasant in a homemade toothpaste.

Vegetable charcoal

Anti-microbial, absorbs toxins and whitens teeth. It’s a bit abrasive, so it should not be use more than once or twice a week. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old.

Nettle powder

Rich in minerals (calcium, zinc), it strengthens the teeth.


With anaesthetic properties, it’s good for sensitive teeth and gums. Analgesic, it help prevent tooth decay. Also helps relieve dental pain, sensitivity and to heal small oral wounds.


Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing properties, relieve oral pain as well as bad breath.


Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herb, can prevent gingivitis, or gum disease. It helped remove plaque.

Siwak powder

Purifies, whitens, protects and soothes, anti-odour, helps fight against dental plaque. In India, it is used in toothbrush stick.

bamboo sap powder

Cleans and whitens teeth, neutralizes acidity (alkaline pH), remineralize teeth thanks to the presence of silica.

Alma powder

Great for fragile tooth. It tones the teeth, cleans the mouth and soothes the gums. Calm down the Vatta and Pitta (Ayurdeva)

Do your own homemade toothpaste


I am graduated in cosmetics-aesthetics and I had laboratory and cosmetology intense courses, and knowledge in biology and biochemistry in addition. However, as you will see bellow, making your homemade toothpaste does not require such big knowledge at all! What makes the difference for me? I simply know more about the active principles in details, some chemical reaction, and the healing property. Indeed, I studied Chinese medicines, Ayurveda, and various natural medicines of the world so I can more easily and very fast adjust to the needs. However, to start with your homemade toothpaste, you just need to read and follow my advices, choose the ingredients I selected for you, and some basic caution of use… It’s very easy and fast to make, and you can even do it with your all family!

Making your eco-responsable toothpaste require to take few basic precaution before starting. If any doubt, ask for professional help and advice. We are happy to guide you during a DIY homemade toothpaste online workshop if you wish.

Before your preparation of your homemade toothpaste

  • Wash your hand properly, with soap.
  • Make sure you cleaned your worktop, clean with soap and sanitize your tools (in high temperature water).
  • If you use essential oils or any other powerful active ingredients, remember to wear latex gloves to avoid to irritate skin. It is not something to use without basic knowledge. Also, do not overuse them by respect for the plant and the making process, or apply directly on the skin and mucous membranes.
  • To keep your toothpaste as long as possible, place it in a tinted glass container: some active ingredients lose their properties when exposed to light.
  • Finally, respect the dosages so as not to make a toothpaste that is too concentrated or too abrasive, which could damage the enamel. It should not be forgotten that the important thing is above all a good brushing and not high-performance products.

Ingredients selection

Basically, I adapt my toothpaste according to where I live in order to use local product. I keep my homemade toothpaste very minimal, without any additive. In India I will use Siwak, in France I will use clay and nettle, in Asia coconuts oil.

My favorite base

  • Super fine white clay (3 table spoon)
  • Coconuts oil (3-4 table spoon)
  • Sodium bicarbonate (1 pinch) or Sea salt (1pinch)

Active substance

  • Sage, or clove or turmeric in powder (1 coffee spoon)


  • This natural homemade toothpaste is liquid in summer, solid in winter.
  • Powder: remove the coconuts oil.
  • Paste: add vegetable glycerine.


In a container, mix the white clay, baking soda, coconuts oil. Then add the active substance and mix.

Some tips
  • Once a month: your can drop of lemon on my toothbrush, and process to a soft and careful tooth brushing.
  • Once a week or every 2 weeks : you can brush your teeth with only baking soda ( no more it damage the enamel, same for essential oils)
About essential oils

Remember that they are very volatile and precious. Personally, I no longer use them for my homemade toothpastes because they also kids some very useful and good bacterias in your mouth… If you really want to use it, please be very moderate: a drop of peppermint or tea tree for example for the refreshing effect.


If you worry about the taste, and want to make it sweat for kids, you can add stevia. I would more choose cinnamon for personal choice and not wasting the use of the stevia plant. Honestly, all your family will quickly get the habits of natural toothpaste, and you will learn to brush you tooth the right way and long enough, rather than rely on the effect of a tasty and chemical toothpastes!

Instructions, in resume

  1. Mix the dry ingredients (with a wood stick for exemple)
  2. Add the liquid progressively
  3. Mix it until the texture is smooth. Use a food processor if your wish. Mixture should be a bit slightly wet and grainy.
  4. Store in a (tainted) glass container, with a lid.

Next stage? Get a toothbrush made of wood or other material!

So, are you convinced ? Ready to make your homemade toothpaste?

Try to do it, and tell me what it gave as a comment!

Homemade toothpaste

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