Spring in Chinese medicine

Spring in Chinese medicine

Spring in Chinese medicine (energy calendar) marks the beginning of the year. It begins in early February and ends in April. The equinox of March 21st marks the heart of this season, 36 days before and after its beginning. According to the Taoist philosophy, the energy changes linked to the seasons also manifest themselves in our bodies. This is quite natural, since we are connected to it.

The Liver Meridian

First of all, the Liver meridian is yin, and it represents the birth of yang and is at the beginning of everything. The liver regulates the muscles and sight, stores, filters, sorts out toxic substances and distributes the blood in the body. The chi of the liver encourages action, and is the seat of the movement towards the other, of the flight or fight reaction. It is also the seat of dreams.

Also, the Liver secretes bile which is stored and distributed by the gall bladder at the exit of the stomach. It is used to digest fatty foods and contains the waste filtered by the liver. For example, medicines, toxic substances, cholesterol, cell debris, etc.

In addition, it is coupled to the gallbladder meridian, the yin meridian, which helps and supports the liver meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it governs the good health of the tendons. It also gives decision-making power (choice, initiative) and determination. Like the liver, it is at its energetic peak in spring.

Wood, an element of spring in Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is related to the element wood, and corresponds to the meridian of the Liver and Gallbladder. It is also related to muscles, tendons, nails and eyes. You can feel this energy within you, if only by observing the trees. Your blood is like the sap from the trees that starts to circulate again, giving you energy and creativity!

The wood element can be in harmony when yin and yang are in balance. But they can also be in a state of emptiness (deficiency) or fullness (excess). This can then lead to an imbalance of energy in the liver. And often, this has an impact on the other organs, in particular what will make up this lack or excess.

Anger: the emotions of spring in Chinese medicine

Ascent of the yang

In spring, the rising yang replaces the very yin energy of winter. It then allows all the emotions and questions of life deeply buried in you to be released. It is thus propitious to use this energy of rebirth to let them rise, without repressing them. In this way, you will then be able to transform anger and frustration into generosity and forgiveness to do a great internal and external cleansing in order to welcome change!

Becoming aware of an imbalance

Indeed, we often realize that the liver is unbalanced when we have difficulty managing anger, or frustration (excess chi). Try to be aware of this, because anger is a vibration that attracts anger. This can create snowball effects in your relationships.

Remedying an imbalance

So, it is advisable to breathe, go for a walk in nature to empty the excess through the body, and practice meditation especially accompanied by sound vibrations. It’s really effective for emotional balance, I strongly advise you to try it! You can also practice Do-in or try UMU dance therapy which includes Qi gong in preparation of the body. The latter allows for the calming of emotions and a better circulation of energy in your body.

Understanding the origin

Undeniably, it is not so simple to know whether anger is linked to an imbalance in the liver, or whether the yang energy of spring brings up an old repressed anger. Dare to observe, take care of yourself and be accompanied in order to free the original cause of this anger. Believe me, you will save a lot of time and energy. Because sometimes it goes back a long way, well hidden in the subconscious, or you don’t expect it.

Expression of emotions in the right way

However, make sure you remain in the right and in moderation in the expression of your emotions in order to remain ecological. Indeed, you must also consider your environment and take care of your loved ones. Take the time to do this crossing alone in nature, or be accompanied by a professional if it is too powerful or taking in you. Don’t judge yourself, it happens. And then behind every anger can also be an unsatisfied, unexpressed need. Or a feeling that has not been expressed for too long, and which also needs to be taken care of. And cultivate patience and letting go as precious virtues.

Green, the color of spring in Chinese medicine

Without a doubt, the dominant color of spring is green! The vibration of this color offers us its energy to get through the change of season and release toxins. Thus, it is the right time to eat green, healthy, and fresh to ingest the energy of plants rich in life-giving energies. In addition, vegetables with a bitter taste help to produce more saliva and bile. This naturally helps digestion by relieving the liver. Provided, of course, that you avoid eating anything that is industrially produced, or full of pesticides.

The acidic flavour

Indeed, in spring the acidic flavour dominates. Its astringent aspect allows the body’s energy to gather in its centre and tighten the tissues. A strong call to consume this knowledge or a disgust can be a sign of liver imbalance.

Acidic foods are :

  • Sorrel, leek, tomato, plum, grapefruit, redcurrant, lemon, strawberry, rhubarb, apricot, pineapple, blackcurrant, peach, pear, persimmon, lychee.
  • Vinegar, lemon balm, nettle, tuocha tea
  • Sourdough bread, pistachio seeds, sesame seeds
  • Sheep, lamb, pheasant, chicken, cheese, yoghurt

Be careful, if a little acid tones the liver, too much can damage it. In a meal, all 5 flavors must be present and balanced. If this is not the case, you may have headaches or muscular pains. If you are nervous or emotionally unbalanced, don’t overuse the acidic flavour either, and reduce it also in case of chronic muscle pain.

You might probably realized that for many people that eat, their food is already too “acid” mainly because an unbalance and too much consumption of meat…

Tips for regulating the energy of the Liver and gallbladder

Hygiene of life

  • Prefer calm and relaxation.
  • Soothe contrariety and worries, and take care of yourself at the first signs of a decline in morals that affect the Liver and alter its functions.
  • Oxygenate yourself well: the Lung controls the Liver. Breathing deeply the pure air helps the liver to rebalance its energy and has an action on the blood pH.
  • Adapt a diet that strengthens the liver: the so-called “acidic” taste in TCM should be increased in your meals. However, always remain in balance.

Physical activity “yin”.


  • Massage the outside of the right foot, as well as the right hand (between the 4th and 5th metatarsal).
  • Massage the ribs under the chest
  • Stretch the liver and gallbladder meridian with do-in, qi gong, to promote the free flow of energy.


  • Express your emotions and make choices to help you evolve.
  • Dance, express your creativity

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Spring in Chinese medicine

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