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Meditation New Moon

July. Harmony and self love

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: Emmanuelle Matsumura

Harmony and self love Je vous invite à une méditation de guérison avec : Sound wave healing Sacred Geometry Powerful remote healing Increase your vibration level Protecting your immune system Month theme The previous month, we released our guilt and accepted responsibility for our own development in order to move towards liberating forgiveness. This month […]

August. Release Sadness

Length: 22 minutesAuthor: Emmanuelle Matsumura

Releasing what is outdated and being open to change. I invite you to a healing meditation with : Healing with sound waves Sacral Geometry Powerful distance healing Increase your vibration rate strengthen your immun system Theme of the month Previous month, we reconnected with self love and harmony. This month, we keep going with the […]

Septembre. Let go

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: Emmanuelle Matsumura

Follow the flow of life Sound waves healing Sacred Geometry Powerful distance healing Increase your vibration rate Immun system boost Theme of the month The previous month, we release sadness, and past things to open up to change. This month, we keep going with: I follow the flow of life Méridien de la saison : […]

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