How to harmonize your living space

harmonize your living space

How to harmonize your living space

Harmonize your living space is important to make it pleasant to live in. And thus contribute to our good health and that of our family. If some places soothe us or recharge us, we have the feeling that others drain us of our energy. Here are different methods to clean, purify and harmonise your living space.

Choose your living space carefully

Is the attraction to a place to live the result of chance?

First of all, before talking about how to harmonize your living space, let’s talk about choosing it. Indeed, the choice of a place to live is not trivial. Why do we see this ad and not another? Why do we choose one place rather than another? Often it is not a matter of chance. It is sometimes as if we are drawn to these places. It is of course hard to explain, because it is intuitive. It is to be considered that perhaps we live in a specific space for a while in order to live an experience.

Indeed, places also have a lot to teach us: about life, about the living… We interact with space just as it interacts with us. We interact with the space just as it interacts with us, so we could talk about a relationship with the place. The place we live in tells us a lot about who we are. If we look closely, the more we evolve in our personal development, the more space we create within ourselves. Each time we get closer to a form of harmony. You will then notice that you change your living space in alignment with this internal state.

Our habitat feeds us, or we feed it

Yes, it’s quite logical if you think about it. To me, it’s a bit like the biology experiment of adding a highly concentrated salt solution to water. In short, the more concentrated solution goes to the less concentrated one, and then it becomes equally concentrated.

I feel the process very similarly vibrational (or energetic if you like). It is the space, external (the place) or internal (you), that is the most “concentrated” in energy that will go towards the least “concentrated”. And this is to seek to re-establish a balance. In this way, the one with the most energy feeds the one with the least. In relationships, it’s a bit the same… another subject!

“He who inquires about the health of his neighbour must take into account not only his constitution but also the place where he lives.

Hippocrates (430 BC), Greek physician and professor of medicine, philosopher

Observe your living space and environment

Permaculture principles adapted to your living space

Before planning, it is advisable to humbly position oneself as an observer and not as a conqueror (and as ethnocentric as possible). A good exercise in style! It’s a bit like permaculture. Before acting, we spend a lot of time observing the environment, the ecosystem, the living beings in the space. Then you can adapt your garden to all the parameters.

First of all, I invite you to observe where the following points are located in the home:

  • The environment and the natural setting: the view in the foreground, in the background and in the background.
  • The land and how it is “inhabited”: its vegetation, animals, insects
  • Orientation of your home.
  • How the rooms are arranged in relation to each other
  • Entrances and exits
  • Windows and light inlets: bright and dark areas
  • Water points: wet and dry areas
  • Sanitary facilities and their drainage
  • Electrical points and the meter
  • Electromagnetic influences: wifi, hi-fi, electronic devices etc.

Why? For a question of common sense, but also to make the most of the space.

For example, it is logical not to put your bed near an entrance or an electric meter. Just as it is logical not to put your garden towards the septic tank to take advantage of the natural fertilizer. But also not to disturb the living beings already present, or at least to organise oneself as well as possible with them.

We can only command nature by obeying it

Francis BACON, English scientist and philosopher

The different methods to harmonize your living space

The Eastern view: Feng shui

feng shui compas

Feng shui means 風 “wind” and 水 “water”. It is an ancient art from China. Its aim is to harmonise the place and its energy with the overall environment and its inhabitants. Formerly reserved for the emperor in China, this practice then spread to Europe and adapted to Western culture. The principle may seem complex at first, but in the end it is very logical and common sense. Some currents of Feng Shui harmonise the space according to the date of birth of the inhabitant. This determines the favorable directions for: health, family, work, prosperity, marriage.

I discovered Feng Shui through a friend of my family. One day, she had calculated the layout of our living spaces. I found it very interesting. And I realized that intuitively I was good to harmonize the living space. Both in terms of how I organized the space, but also on a subtle level. Of course, this is certainly related to the fact that I am a dancer. Since I was a child, I have had a special relationship with space. This irrepressible need to “make space”, to create space. To put it in movement to harmonise it, and only then, the desire to settle down to meditate.

The Western vision for harmonising one’s living space

In Europe, people often choose to harmonise their living space according to a Western Feng Shui practice. Indeed, it is understandable that culturally, one does not want to put representations of ancient Chinese gods. Or sacred animals from another culture. That said, he follows similar principles when designing his interior according to the cardinal points. Just like the choice of objects according to their shape, material. Or their arrangement, and the positioning of furniture.

We also follow the principle of Chinese medicine which associates the directions with the elements. For example, we advise not to sleep in a room with mirrors, plants or books. It is also advisable not to place your bed in the south. Or to put your family photos on the wall corresponding to the “relationship and family” zone. Or avoid certain shapes in certain places.

Harmonizing your living space with a big spring cleaning

The right time

For me, I am most dynamic in the morning when I wake up. And especially just after my feminine moons. No wonder, since this time of the month corresponds to spring in the female monthly cycle! So, it is in the morning that I choose to do my place harmonization. I do it all the way through when I move, when I leave a place, and otherwise every year.

Motivate yourself, but don’t rush

It is important to remember that your external world is a reflection of your internal world. So if you tend to leave clutter everywhere, perhaps it is a reflection of the one in your head? Or maybe it’s a sign of an attention deficit, or a different brain function. If this is a concern in your life and disturbs those around you, it may be beneficial to consult kinesiology. By determining the origin of your problem, we will be able to release any blockages and/or give you tools. Because there are many solutions… because there are many solutions!

To respect yourself is to love yourself!

E. Matsumura

Getting organised

So, are you ready to harmonise your living space? Let’s start by making some space! In general, it is good to proceed room by room so as not to spread yourself too thin. It is also advisable to do one thing at a time, to be sure to finish what you have started. For the products used, favour what is natural. You can also make your own natural cleaning products: it’s very simple and quick.

  • Tidy up your wardrobes by sorting out your winter and summer clothes
  • Throw away / give away what you no longer need or what is damaged
  • Clean the floors. Each country has its own method, depending on what the floor is made of.
  • Wash the walls. Yes, it’s often forgotten but it really freshens up a room.
  • Dust the surfaces. Not forgetting the corners and under furniture.
  • Move the furniture around. This gives a pleasant impression of “renewal”.

Harmonising your living space on the “energy” level

Indeed, it is as important to clean your living space physically, as it is to consider the energetic aspect.



There are many plants available for fumigation. One often thinks of white sage (salvia apiana, from North America) or palo santo. However, for obvious environmental reasons, I really urge you to be logical in what you use.

In Asia, Chinese sage (salvia milthiorrhiza) is more common. Where I live in Japan, there is a lot of mugwort or Artemisia princeps (yomogi in Japanese, ssuk in Korean). So I harvest it, dry it, and then make yomogi mudge. It is with this last one that I practice fumigation in my house but also for people. It is a practice often proposed in the spa here in Japan.

Cup of salt

  • Place a little coarse salt (not necessarily Himalayan salt…) in 4 bowls.
  • Place them in the 4 corners of the room.
  • Leave them for 2 to 3 days, then throw away the salt.

Coarse salt is known to absorb negative energy.

With sounds

You can use a singing bowl from Tibet. According to tradition, they are made of a mixture of preferably 7 metals. The sound quality of 7-metal bowls, in contrast to brass bowls, is much better. This alloy has therapeutic virtues. These metals refer to the seven heavenly bodies of the solar system, or the seven chakras:

  • silver (the Moon)
  • copper (Venus)
  • tin (Jupiter)
  • iron (Mars)
  • mercury (Mercury)
  • gold (the Sun),
  • lead (Saturn)

Proceed piece by piece. Use the mallet to make the bowl ring a few times. Take your time and enjoy the process, it is very pleasant. Then, when the sound dissipates, open the window wide and move on to the next room.

sonotherapy tokyo
Emmanuelle Matsumura

Call in a professional

Sometimes the above methods are not enough to harmonise a living space. So, either you move out… or you call in a professional. The latter will give you an assessment of the situation and explain to you what can and cannot be done. Generally, several disciplines are combined for a complete harmonization of the living space. Such as radiesthesia, geobiology and reiki for a complete harmonization of the living space.

Naoshi and I love to use sound vibrations as well. Does harmonizing your living space energetically seem too strange? You will certainly be more open to our proposal. It is a concert or a sound hypnosis session with your family and friends at home. I invite you to have a look at the following comments.

Places have memories

Your thoughts, your emotions, your movements create vibrations that have an impact on others, but also on space. These are subtle languages… How did we communicate before words? How do animals communicate? How do plant species communicate? In a way a subtle vibratory movement, and a transmission of information via different means.

It is astonishing that our modern society has gone so far in the illusion of separation. It has even dissociated thought from the 5 senses… And yet, this is represented in the Egyptian symbol of the eye of Horus with the other senses. To be meditated upon.

To conclude, a harmonisation of one’s living space can be an opportunity to clean up one’s home, and to declutter. For it is the empty space that we can create matter! I wish you a good harmonisation by yourself, or through our services.

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How to harmonize your living space

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