How to free your creativity?

Free your creativity

How to free your creativity?

Unleashing your creativity is important for everyone and at any age! Although some people are more naturally drawn to creative disciplines, it is actually a skill that can be developed. And this is in your best interest. For your well-being: personal development, emotional expression, therapy. And for your profession: innovative ideas, problem solving.

Why unleash and free your creativity?

Creativity : a great quality

Imagination is a wonderful quality. It is highly valued in professional life. Because it is creative ideas that allow innovation, evolution, or original solutions to problems. So start valuing your own creativity from now!

Free your creativity helps your to express your emotions

Moreover, freeing your creativity allows you to express your emotions and communicate them non-violently through a medium. It is therefore excellent for your personal and spiritual development. To the delight of your life partner, colleagues and friends. Because even communication requires creativity. Including communicating your needs: because the idea is to make the other person want to respond, and to make it a pleasure! But above all, for your own happiness: how pleasant and satisfying it is to have created something… and whatever the result. 

Free your creativity increase self-confidence

Even if you don’t get what you want, you gain a little more self-confidence every time. In one’s ability to do things, to try, to learn, to do it again… with always a little more openness and less judgment. Because by daring to do things, even if they are not necessarily good at first, we learn. It is in failure and its acceptance that we learn… and develop different creative strategies each time to succeed at something. It’s all about perspective, as I quoted on my otomi_therapy instagram recently!

When you free your creativity, you are also less prone to doubt, to fear of the unknown, the unexpected, uncertainty. Because you get into the habit of doing things, of bouncing back. And in life, adapting is a matter of survival, well anchored in our subconscious!

The optimal conditions for creating

A pleasant environment

Indeed, to create, it is important to feel good. Because creating in an unpleasant, heavy space can block you. However, it is also an interesting exercise to get used to creating under certain constraints… provided that it is a choice! I learned in my career as a dancer to create a piece of choreography on command, not necessarily politely requested, and under pressure… Here, you have to go and find the joy of creating within yourself… or change your project!

Have fun

Creating is so much more fluid when you enjoy it. We secrete hormones when we take pleasure in doing something. Cf: see my article on “how to practice gratitude“. I’m talking about oxytocin: the happiness hormone.

Have a screen break

Yes, it doesn’t look like it, but too much screen time messes with your body on a physiological level. Take a break for a day, and put your phone away from your bed to sleep. This may seem like common sense to those with electro-sensitivity, but it’s not obvious to everyone. And yet, anything that emits or receives waves impacts your body and brain: we are not separate from an environment, we interact with it constantly. We are not separated from an environment, we are constantly interacting with it.

Taking an electronic break, going into nature to refocus on yourself does the most good. And it’s magical, because you’ll see that you sleep better afterwards, you dream more, and you get up in the morning with more creative ideas!

Follow your inspiration 

Dare to stroll, contemplate, do nothing… simply be in the moment. Let your creativity flow, allow your inspiration to manifest itself. Dare to dream, to imagine, let your brain wander by looking at the shape of the clouds. Sometimes you get up in the morning with a brilliant idea, and if you don’t write it down, within a minute it’s gone… Inspiration can be fleeting! Carry around a notebook and a pen, or something to record yourself. 

Surround yourself with positive persons

Make sure you have positive, encouraging people around you. Stay away from anyone who tries to put you down, or who breaks your dreams and creative impulses. You are in the right! Don’t judge them either, because they are simply projecting their own fear of not daring to do things onto you. If you are an entrepreneur, know that you will awaken fears in others…

Don’t listen, and go for it! And don’t hesitate to participate in our proposals and workshops in person and online: Naoshi and I are free spirits and we like to spread positivism. And if you think we could bring some creativity and benevolent communication to your company, call on us! Our sonotherapy concerts are a great way to start. But we also offer meditations, team training…

How to free your creativity?

Nurturing your creativity

1. Build up an idea box

Read, collect images, music… And when you need it, you take out the box (which can be a computer file). It’s important to have some basic material to create! Because one inspiration can lead to another. And you don’t always have in mind exactly what you want to create: it’s a gradual process

2. Visit new places

Travelling, going to places you don’t know can bring inspiration. When a place is unfamiliar, your body is more awake, more aware. Sometimes even on alert, because it is a place you have never visited before. A little vigilance is in place, and this hyper-awareness can be used for the occasion, since it stimulates your senses. It is a completely natural mechanism, intended for our survival. An archaic reflex similar to that of the animal that must remain attentive in a territory that could well be that of another or a predator. 

3. Awaken your senses

It turns out that many memories are associated with our senses. I had already touched on this subject in another of my “anti-stress rituals” articles, as a large part of my theatrical studies was focused on the body, and sensory memory. The Strasberg method consists in developing the senses, finding the associated memories, and the emotion that comes from them. 

Thus, through repetition and habit creation, one is able to activate true emotions, with all the physical reactions of our body. So I invite you to take a moment every now and then to walk around, with all your senses alert. Listen to footsteps, smell scents, take time to savour the taste of a fruit…

4. Experiment with new activities

A new restaurant, a sport you’ve never tried before, try your hand at DIY with something you haven’t dared to do before. This helps to develop your skills. Because when you use your fine motor skills in crocheting, or your gross motor skills in dance class, you are using different areas of the brain. Of course, the younger you do these experiments, the more creative your child will be! But if you were never stimulated as a child, don’t panic: it’s never too late to start.

Personal and spiritual development 

1. Change your habits

This creates new neural connections! The more you get used to changing your patterns, the more flexible you become. Of course, it is not about living permanently outside your comfort zone. Rather, it is about not locking yourself into habits, but always trying to create new ones. 

For example, brushing your teeth with the other hand, putting on your jacket with the other arm first, taking a new route home from work… Sometimes we do things so automatically, that we don’t really do things consciously anymore. It is the memory of our muscles and our body that takes over. Which is very useful for some things. But creativity needs space, renewal, cerebral stimulation to find new paths.

2. Meditate to awaken your intuition 

This is why I talk about stimulating your pineal gland. Because it happens to play a very important role in your circadian cycle, but also in your intuition! In some people, it is as if it is atrophied and does not function to its full potential. It is therefore necessary to “reactivate” it… simply put!

For this, you can try our sound meditations: The meditationinner guide” and “trust” will lead you on the way.  We have another SPECIAL INTUITION on request. Contact us!

3. Educate your brain

Brain Gym or kinesthetic education is an educational approach that improves communication between the cognitive functions and the body. This is achieved through the use of movement and motor and artistic activities.

The sessions are simple, fun, and the results are really surprising! I have tested this method on people recovering from a stroke, heart surgery, children with learning difficulties… The result: more focus, less stress, and a greater ability to find creative solutions to problems. And honestly, I do them every day, which improves my little dyslexia problems, and helps me to find my way in space. 

Like trying to find your car in the street when you’ve parked it in a hurry, thinking about something else… And then you remember the “animal signs” in the giant French supermarket car parks, and you understand why they were there! But the brain Gym is there: what head doesn’t know, body remembers! If you and your child have this kind of problem: orientation, spatial orientation, dyslexia, dyscalculia… Brain Gym kinesthetic education will change your life. And you can do the sessions online.

Therapy to free your creativity

Energy treatment, to open your 3rd eye

And to save (a lot of) time in order to open your 3rd eye, you can ask to receive a reiki energy treatment or follow a reiki training together. Indeed, a treatment acts on all your energy bodies, on the energy centres: hara, chakras. This allows you to prepare the ground well, and to remove blockages to your development on a subtle level. 

Kinesiology, to free psycho-emotional blockages

You can also be accompanied to act on the memories of your body and to free psycho-emotional blockages. In psychocorporal therapy, notably kinesiology (in age regression). 

Because sometimes, psycho emotional blockages can have extinguished this potential that we all have. And this, according to what you experienced as a child: a child who has never had the right to speak, to express himself, to say what he thinks will have integrated a belief: “he has no right”. 

All his emotions are therefore all repressed for years. And then they either come out in anger all of a sudden. Or they are annihilated and somatised, in the form of physical pain. If this is your case, I advise you not to wait, to finally free yourself and express yourself creatively… for your greatest happiness! 

Taking care of yourself : massage, healing

Take a break! We are more creative when we are relaxed. A nature walk, a wellness retreat, a good massage, a sonotherapy session, a reiki treatment... Anything that makes you feel pampered, loved, considered. Because it boosts your confidence in yourself, and in your ability to be there for you at all times in your life!


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How to free your creativity?

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