Anti-stress ritual

anti-stress ritual

Anti-stress ritual

Between the constantly spinning mind, daily stress, external aggressions, and the subconscious mind playing tricks with fears and worries… How to stop worrying and calm the mind? Here is an anti-stress ritual that will allow you to be more serene internally and avoid burnout. 

In this article, I share with you my experience, and my experience with stress, allowing you to understand the anti-stress ritual. Indeed, it is more effective to carry out this method when you have understood the physiological, psycho-emotional and cognitive process behind it. 

The numerous anti-stress methods

First of all, when we suffer from something, it makes us look for ways to treat it in order to get better. 

The origin of my interest in the study of the consequences of stress on health

Let me tell you a story. As a child, I suffered from anxiety at a very high level. I was a reserved, sensitive and unconfident little girl. As I grew up, I decided that I would manage to live serenely, as this unhappiness was taking up far too much space in me. I tried just about every possible solution to free myself from my anxieties… and the associated physical problems, including digestive problems.

Then I grew up, and wanting to stop suffering alone, I invested a lot in my well-being. I consulted many psychotherapists and therapists of all kinds. Then I trained myself. And this, in order to help others to take care of their holistic health: physical, physiological, psycho-emotional, relational and living environment.

It is with joy that I share today what has worked for me. But also on the people who consult me since then, as well as all the methods I have created following. All this is the fruit of years of research into natural medicine from all over the world and a long work of personal development. If I had known then that everything could go much faster, I would not have hesitated for a second. But everything is right, and each therapist helps us to move forward on our path. 

In any case, it is thanks to all my experience that I continue to create my method of emotional liberation. The people I accompany regularly testify to this through their very touching feedback. So, I invite you to never despair because yes, there are solutions to overcome stress and stop worrying chronically! There is no miracle method, but a set of things to put in place. But it can go faster than you think.

As I talk about in my article on overcoming anxiety, the brain does not distinguish between reality and fantasy. Just thinking about something scary is enough to give you goosebumps… According to young Japanese students, this is why they watch horror films in August in Japan: “with goosebumps the little chill is refreshing”, one girl told me! 

But what would be the first trigger of a stress reaction: the thoughts, or the senses? What if there were several forms of stress? 

Sensory Memory

While studying the Strasberg method of theatre or “just acting”, I got some of my answers. It’s an acting method based on sensory memory work. We develop our senses one after the other, and try to find secondary memories connected to them. The latter awaken the body’s memories (muscular, tissue…) by stimuli, and lead the body to have physical and physiological reactions. 

And this, while having the detachment with the memory of course. It is a real training. Using the imagination first by concentrating on the stimuli to awaken the memory and then the emotion is there in no time! 

I was already convinced that there were links between the sensory and the physiological reaction in the process of stress and anxiety. I had indeed noticed that an anxiety attack, for example, could be triggered by a thought… but more often by a sense. 

I had noticed that a smell that was too strong, certain sounds, or light that was too bright could be triggers. And if a set of factors were brought together in a specific context, the crisis reaction was generated and then it was already too late.

But the more we understand and become aware of the process, the more we become aware of the warning signs. And then you are able to stop the process in the first place. This is what I’m going to explain to you further down in the article… so read on, it’s important!

Art therapy and self-expression

It is no longer necessary to prove it: art therapy is recognised. As well as the benefits of art and its contribution to well-being: theatre, dance, music, painting, writing… Anything that allows you to express yourself, preferably engaging the body and the senses as a whole, helps to greatly soothe the mind. 

The reason is simple: your attention is focused on something other than your concerns, and the creative part of your brain is called upon. Not to mention that you are going through the body, which undeniably calms the mind. In concrete terms, I would say “it brings the head down to earth”.

Movement and dance therapy is an excellent creative solution for calming the mind. There are various approaches to art therapy. In my practice, I always start by relaxing the body with do-in self-massage from shiatsu. This also helps to rebalance the energy flow in the meridians, and to feel the organs connected in the body. 

When we understand better what is happening in our body, we become much more attentive. So we are aware that our body is ours and that we have to take care of it because we only have one body for our whole life! Then, I invite you to share your current problems to see what you can spread together. See reprogramming through Brain Gym kinesthetic education. Through the body, we often become clearly aware of our cognitive behaviours. This is interesting, because we also realise that everything can be changed gradually. When you let go, the body speaks for itself, without a filter. This is what the supervising professional discreetly analyses! 

In short, the movement therapy liberates, and allows to progressively reduce the parasitic thoughts… to get closer to silence. At the base, yoga was a discipline made to facilitate meditation, and not a “sport” to be practiced from the spiritual and personal development approach… I say at the base, because practices are going in many different directions today.

Meditation, sound therapy, and acoustic hypnosis

The combination of both: meditation and sound vibration from a musical instrument is a marvel of gentleness. Very effective, it will relax you deeply. Today, sonotherapy is becoming more and more popular and many studies are investigating the effect of sound waves on our brain and body. 

Music is a powerful therapy. If you think about it, hearing is a sense that cannot really be stopped or controlled. Indeed, it is difficult to completely close your ears! So imagine the effect of vibrational hypnosis? Lie down on your sofa and let yourself be completely immersed. Lulled by a soft voice that guides you and cosmic music? This is what I call acoustic hypnosis. Naoshi and I love to share this. You can try our recordings, or 1:1 with us live to pamper yourself. And the theme can even be custom written! How about that?

For some people, settling down is mission impossible (hyperactive, ADHD, competitive anxiety, and long-time inkbloods). But if I told you that you could start lying down to music would you try it? What about movement meditation like Sufi spinning? 

Read my article on how to start meditation, there are many methods to start with. And if not, contact us, we offer online sound meditation sessions! 


Scientific researches

The impact of stress on health

The evolution of scientific research on stress and how to reduce it has brought many explanations. Today, we know more about psycho-emotional reactions, the link between thoughts and emotions. We also know more about how the brain works and how hormones such as cortisol are produced in stress reactions. 

However, it is common for a doctor to suggest antidepressants or other drugs with significant side effects when you consult for stress-related problems. It is also still rare that what you feel in your body and your living environment is considered by modern medicine. Certainly due to lack of time, and many other factors to consider.

Indeed, a body psychotherapist is also a holistic therapist*. He is trained to look for the root cause of your discomfort, and act on it, which sometimes leads to the disappearance of the symptoms. If he has studied psychology, he will be able to listen to you attentively and accompany you.

However, let us be confident that scientific advances will gradually prove everything that holistic and ancestral healers have known for a long time. Integrative medicine will certainly grow in the years to come! 

These are questions that pushed me to go further in the analysis of my body’s reactions, one by one (sensory, physiological…) and to decipher the psycho-emotional links until finally finding the root cause. I tested everything on myself to free myself… and now I share what I have learned with my clients!

*who considers the physical, physiological and psycho-emotional in a non-dissociable way.

Natural solutions anti-stress

In addition to your anti-stress ritual, you can try alternative and natural medicines. Always be careful: just because they are plants and alternative medicines does not mean there are no possible side effects. If you have any doubts, consult a professional. 

  • St. John’s wort (highly regulated. You can find it in some herbal shops. Or ask me: I’m a picker, I’ve been a botanical enthusiast since childhood)
  • L52
  • Euphitosis
  • Bach flowers and Rescue
  • Acupuncture: sonoponcture or digital-pressure (see my dance therapy courses)
  • Phycocyanin (really excellent)

My studies in biochemistry and general biology have given me some insight into natural medicines, a subject I continue to explore with my biologist and herbalist friends. I still learn today by listening to the clients in session, often confirming the results of my research and the effectiveness of the solutions we find together. For me, there is no magic. To reduce stress, as for any recurring problem that affects your physical or mental health, it is necessary to act in depth.

I insist on the fact that it is important to find a solution and an anti-stress ritual that works for you. As I have not seen you in an appointment, I can only list a few solutions. It is up to you to find what suits you, accompanied if you wish by a holistic therapist with whom you feel comfortable… Which will save you a lot of time, by the way!

If you wish to be accompanied, I would always be happy to have you in individual consultation, face to face or at a distance. You will never be asked to stop a current medical treatment prescribed by your doctor.

And if you want to try one of our creative solutions, I invite you to visit our online school. Whether it’s a new moon sound meditation, our vibrational hypnosis (pure love in concentrate!), or dance therapy, you won’t be disappointed on the journey.

My anti-stress ritual

Do what is comfortable and good for you in this proposed anti-stress ritual. If you are afraid to do something, don’t force yourself! There is no need to punish yourself, fear is enough! It’s good to get out of your comfort zone gradually and by listening to yourself, not by suffering. 

If you feel like pushing yourself a little, go ahead. But if you feel great resistance, find a less difficult alternative to do before your object, in order to give yourself a little more confidence to move forward. Indeed, working in stages is much easier.

Protocol of your anti-stress ritual

  • When you wake up, take the time to breathe in and out deeply, to recover your body gently, to stretch.
  • Wash and dress with awareness of your movements and sensations, which is just like meditation. 
  • Eat something quickly: the morning is when cortisol levels are highest, and it is also the time when your blood lacks sugar. Be careful to find something that stabilises your metabolism and doesn’t raise your sugar level too much either. Fruits, various sprouts (soya, broccoli etc), almond or coconut milk, banana with seeds.
  • Write down your emotions in a journal to release them regularly
  • Write a gratitude journal or practice it daily 
  • Allow yourself to do things that make you feel safe and relaxed
  • Exercise in nature, alone or with others
  • Drink. This helps your liver to release excess hormones, which is one of its roles. Be careful with treated tap water: find out where it comes from. Give preference to spring water (which you can collect yourself with large cans to avoid over-consumption of plastic). You can also structure it with shungite, charcoal (takesumi in Japanese), or magnetise it with your hands and your mind. If you want to learn, you will know everything by following my reiki and magnetism training. Our time on earth is precious, save it 😉 

Remember, everything is fine! To get out of stress and live serenely is possible. Everyone advances step by step, at their own pace. 

If you need help, don’t stay alone. A therapist can greatly help you to relax: hypnosis, sonotherapy, reiki, massage.  And kinesiology can help you find the root cause. 

I hope you have a good time applying the advice in this article and this anti-stress ritual. And don’t hesitate to give me feedback in the comments or even share it.

Create your reality

People suffering from anxiety and stress sometimes find it difficult to realise that they are creating their own reality. They have not yet figured out how to fulfil their basic need for security. It is important, if this is your case, to organise your life first of all to have more pleasure and not suffering. Little by little, functioning with self-respect becomes more natural, anxieties disappear to make way for a gentler and more serene life. 

Of course, if this stress is very deep, it is important to dig deeper. This ritual will help you to create your reality, but there are things to be released beforehand. Consult a mind-body therapist to release the memories in your subconscious that happen to be the root cause.

Remove from your focus:

  • Anything that makes you feel like a victim
  • Anything that makes you feel that you are not in control of your life circumstances
  • That the world is oppressing you and you can’t do anything about it
  • That you feel like a victim and have to deal with it

Instead, focus on :

  • What gives you a sense of control in your life (in the sense of mastery and choice)
  • The reality that what you want
  • Give yourself power!

The more you feel in control of your life, the less anxiety will manifest itself because the fears will no longer have any material to exist. 

Are you ready to give it a try? Let me know your feedback in the comment section!

_/|\_ Beautiful day, full of light and softness _/|\_ 

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Anti-stress ritual

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