Differences between reiki and magnetism

Reiki and magnetism

Difference between reiki and magnetism

Magnetism and reiki are both healing method based on laying on of hands. Despite both method uses a healing energy to relief various pains and symptoms, they surely present differences. For exemple, in their method and practices. You are wondering which energy therapy appointment to take? Or your hesitate between a reiki course or magnetism? This article will help you to clarify! 


What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. The reiki therapist is channel of the universe energy, thanks to the use of high vibration symboles. The treatment consist in put both hand on the person, with or without touch. It can be a person, a plant, an animal.

It has been reported to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and promote general well being. Nowadays, it less rare to find reiki in hospital: more nurses includes reiki healing in the medical care.

What is magnetism or bio-magnetism?

A magnetizer uses the magnetic energy present in every alive being (bio) and nature. He aims to rebalance the body, mind, spirit of the person by using specific movement on the patient. Generally, one hand is used to take out the negative energies in the subtiles and physical body. While the other hand, the “power hand”, charge in energy.

It aims to calms and soothes pain, revitalizes and harmonize the body, improve the circulation, reduce stress and more. Some magnetizer are also what we call “Fire-Cutters“. And it’s not rare that nurses call them to help reducing the main and promoting skin recovery. In fact, family members that know this practices often call to me to act in presence or in distance. Including for helping people to prepare and recover from an operation

Healers: reiki and magnetism practicians, who are they?

During my research, I encounter various healer in different countries, using different methods. Regarding the method used, they all were channeling an energy to relieve, and even heal their patient. Some says they born in a family of healer and believe it’s a gift from univers. Others mention they developed their extra-sensorial abilities after an accident or a trauma in their life.

Moreover, some healer have confided me that they decided to develop their healing abilities when they felt an intuitive. It was time for them to learn, and awaken their hidden potential.

Reiki and magnetism: striving for the same goal

In short, there are many kind of healer with different extra-sensorial abilities. To mention: clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentience…. not all healer avec developed them all. Surprisingly, some healer do not feel much, but the energy flow in their hand and they do heal. Others uses pray and words, their eyes.

To conclude, there is as much as healer kind as human unique personality on earth because we all are different. But energy healing is the same for all. Finally, every healer use different technics striving for the same goal. And to be honest, one is not that different than another. One who pretend his healing method is better lies! The healer is more important that the technics itself.


All energy therapists work following the same rules. Such as love, humility and the awareness that the universe is much larger than our field of understanding. Undoubtedly, energy methods have something in common. Firstly, acting with the energy of the universe, letting energy pass through us like a channel.

Not to mention there are many beliefs about energy work… But it is good to point out that without guidance, there is a tendency to make the mistake. For exemple, one’s own vital energy. Obviously, this energy should not be used for any reason, but preserved preciously. But my making mistakes we learn as well. This is why your master is behind you. He makes sure you’re not going on the wrong direction, and stop you when it can “go too far”.

In fact, the protocols and techniques are very different. Such as the tools, the self preparation, the exercises to develop its human potential. But also the master/apprentice relationship, the passing on of spiritual knowledge. But on the energy level, the results is same: the energy is normally the true healer.

MAGNETISM, the energy of the earth

The energy of living organic matter

Similar to Qi qong which allows to feel and circulate the various energies around and within oneself. Through the meridian lines of energies crossing the body and connecting it between heaven and earth. It takes a lot of time to master it: know how to recharge, empty it, make it circulate. Magnetism is an energy healing method that does not include the psycho-emotional. However, many healer develop abilities to listen and find the good words to release people intuitively.

The learning process

After learning the basics about the etheric bodies, chakras etc (like in Reiki) you learn the “magnetics passes”. Then, there is a lot of personal practice. Like for everything, to master it you need to do it many time until you get it. Every body can learn it, but without practice, you won’t go very far. Some feels with their hand very fast, others are more slow: it’s all good. Everyone its own pace! Anyway, when you learn how to work intuitively, you don’t needs protocols of any kind…

The risks of magnetism

Not to mention that there is some risks. Indeed, many young healer use their own “chi” or “ki” to heal other. Then, they end up with being sick at their turn. In truth, this not being the proper way to heal safely others. In the case it does happen repeatedly, the cause is most probably a lack of knowledge and experience. Or the healer forgot to center itself properly before starting the energy treatment.

Therefore, we can say it’s a nice warning to remain humble. Technically, HEALERS DO NOT HEAL… themselves (technically). They use a biggest energy than their own! Despite what people think about magnetizer… and if one does, not too good for its own health! In short, magnetism in a mainly a combination of energy technics that are used to heal.

REIKI, the energy of the universe

The classifications of energy in Japanese healing

The Japanese vision classifies these energies in the form of categories related to nature. And Reiki is one of the largest one of all this forms of energy. The energy of universe, the origin, the source of light, far beyond human being.

The attunements

To start with, Reiki requires initiation, like a sacred ceremony that prepares you for your journey, which magnetism do not. Secondly, reiki healing include a lot of personal practices for spiritual and personal development. Such as mediation, mantra, self work to master its mind and emotion. Including also work on our trans-generation link, our relationships and behavior etc. Thirdly, Reiki healing is greatly influenced by Japanese culture and asian philosophy.

The influence of Usui Sensei’s history, culture and lineage

Obviously, the energy healing practice of Reiki cannot be separate from its lineage and history. Indeed, any practice is influence by the culture and environment of a practician. Usui Sensei being is Japanese, a Qi gong master, and from a buddhist family. Clearly, we can notice some influences in reiki healing philosophy and meditation methods.

A great tool to guide the healer on the wise path

Actually, Usui sensei’s studied about medicine and alternative medicine. It’s his intense spiritual practices has led him to become wise and knowledgeable. He created a lot of great tools to guide the young healer step by step during its own evolution process. Learning Reiki is engaging the futur healer to follow 5 wise life principle.

Juste for today, I release angry thoughts and feelings. I release thoughts of worry. I’m grateful for my many blessings. I practice expanding my consciousness. I’m gentle with all beings including myself.

A life philosophy

Above all, Reiki レイキ is the opening of the door to a wonderful infinite path of evolution and personal expansion. Everything that the universe and its entire system, of which you are a part, are striving for. Then, you are responsible for your own development. Keep in touch with your master to readjust, until you fly by yourself. To resume, Reiki teaches the energy healer much more than just hand healing. It’s a life philosophy.

The privilege relationship with the teacher, called reiki master

To finish, there is a very strong relationship between the student and the master (sensei) like in every asian discipline. In Asia, we often say that this is the teacher that choose the student. Magnetism is mainly related to a combination of technic for healing various symptômes.


For energy healing: reiki and magnetism.

Reiki and magnetism help with physical issues. Such as skin diseases, muscle pains, unbalance in the energy field of the person etc. Of course there is an impact of mental side… as everything is connected. But many magnetizer don’t have deep knowledge about the psycho-emotional langage of the body. Neither as anatomy and physiology. Then, I have to add that both act on animals and plants, and can be done remotely.

For learning: Reiki healing

Ok great you got it, for healing, reiki healing and magnetism are great. But for learning, If you have to choose, prefer Reiki course. You will get to know an amazing LIFE PHILOSOPHY to apply in your every day life. It will help you to become a better person, and have more inner peace in your life!

undoubtedly, your will learn a technic with more field of action, a structure, the asian philosophy. And also, the personal development teaching, the meditation practices and so on. Without mentioning the univers rules to follow when you touch to energy work. But anyway, once you learnt Reiki, you know all the basics you need to know. Just need to integrate by practicing, practicing, practicing! Then, if you feel like having more protocols, magnetism will be super easy to get.

Moreover, you will save time and avoid the common mistake to use your own chi! This is what’s great to follow a system sometimes. In the past, there were some school of magnetism as well that was recognize by the government (in Lyon, France). But the OMS asked to close it… no comment. Now, it’s more private teachers, or private school.

Human connection, before the healing technics itself

Finally, I will tell you that many healers to both, or others methods. But does not matter. I would go further: a healer that reach a certain level just follow its “guidance”. This way, they are lead to the best for the person and the universe.

And remember, who preach “my healing technic is the best”, “I’m the only one that does this method”, be careful. Ego is flying around ! Energy healing, is all about rising awareness, remembering our abilities, and spreading love and light in our world. Let’s walk on that path together, and unified.

My story, in short

Personally, I started by magnetism when I was very little. I realized I was different, and my reality was not the one of others. I would many things and it was not easy to deal with at a child. Actually, I was even thinking talking and hearing animals, talking with plants, trees, feeling minerals vibrations (and people’s) was normal.

I was not understanding much of what was going on at first. I did all the mistakes possible I think… And I feel grateful to my guidance to have avoided me the worth scenarios. It was great learning, but I felt some limitation. Mainly, no having “human being” that “talk human language” to answer to some questions.

When I discovered Reiki, I found a structure, a philosophy, a setting. I learnt meditation, mantra practice, tones of personal and spiritual development. I stopped catching the pains of other, and could finally deal with my hypersensitivity. Finally, I was able to understand what was mine, being empath as well. And also, I learnt how to deal with my emotion, and started to heal many trans-generational wounds in my family. And that, magnetism cannot act on that.

Any question toward REIKI HEALING? You are interesting in LEARNING REIKI? Feel free to contact-me to decide if this is for you!

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Differences between reiki and magnetism

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